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 わたしたちは多様性(Diversity)を尊重します。D2021が、主催者 / 参加者、アーティスト / 観客、研究者 / 受講生という垣根を越えて、人々の対話の場となることを望んでいます。




 D2021 is a movement led by Ryuichi Sakamoto, Gotch (ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION), Rei Nagai (philosopher), and others to confront the past and look toward the future with various "D" themes on the occasion of the 10th anniversary("Decade") of the "Disaster".

 D2021 is a voice of resistance against injustice ("Demonstration") and a movement to maintain "Democracy". It aims to overcome "Divisions" of society through "Dance" and "Dialogue".

 D2021 is also a place of experimentation, a "Demonstration" of a different way of being in society. We will plan a variety of experiments that seek a different way of being from the excesses of capitalist society.

 We respect "Diversity", and hope that D2021 will be a place for dialogue among people, transcending the boundaries of organizer/participant, artist/audience, and researcher/student.

 D is still undefined and vague, but it is open as a symbol that embraces diverse values and meanings.

 We would like to carry on the legacy of Ryuichi Sakamoto, who launched D2021 with us, and continue our activities to tackle various social issues, led by our management members such as Masafumi Goto and Rei Nagai.